DP White is one of the leading manufacturers of white cement and a subsidiary of the Dashrath Prasad Group. We believe in raising the bar and transforming the industries we venture into with creativity and excellence. Our major goal is to propel ourselves to great heights. We have a capacity of 75 tons annually. We enable building stronger walls with our quality products and are registered with over a hundred dealers and resellers. We are committed to adding value to our clients with precision, trust, value, and efficiency, which is reflected in our range of products.

DP White Homeguard Waterproof Putty

DP White Home guard Waterproof Putty is a top-quality putty that offers excellent hydrophobicity and caters to different segments – residential, industrial & commercial spaces — especially in today’s unpredictable weather. This high-performance putty effectively repels moisture, preventing it from sticking to your walls and causing water damage.

It is the anti-efflorescent properties that repel water molecules, keeping your walls free from dampness and water damage. Its application improves the appearance of both interior and exterior walls, filling in any hairline cracks and providing a smooth, uniform finish.

The water-repellent features ensure the water does not accumulate on your walls. Its super whiteness maintains the luster and brightness of your walls, even in damp conditions. Its high strength and performance offer a long-lasting solution that protects your walls year-round.

DP White PACO Wall Primers Exterior

DP White Paco Wall Primers Exterior is a top-quality product that enhances the durability and appearance of painted walls with its exceptional bonding feature. Specially designed to promote better adhesion of paint coatings to surfaces, it seals pores and cracks to provide an excellent base for a flawless, long-lasting finish. Its high opacity ensures that the colors are vibrant and stand out, while also providing effective weather resistance.

This primer’s low VOC formula also contributes to improved air quality by blocking out any odors or stains on the walls. The alkali-resistant build-up requires less coating to bring out the exact color, making it an ideal choice for a high-quality, long-lasting finish for exterior walls.

It is a premium solution that forms a thin film on the finish coat, creating a smooth surface for a flawless, pearl-like finish. Its exceptional bonding feature ensures that the walls are highly water-resistant, providing added strength to withstand varying weather conditions.

DP White Texture Master

DP White Wall Texture Putty is an exceptionally curated textured putty that offers protection to both interior and exterior walls with its water, algae, and fungi-resistant properties. This putty ensures that walls are built to last for years to come with better workability and higher comprehensive strength.

Not only is it easy to mix, but it also effectively prevents cracks and fills in any pre-existing cracks while binding strongly with the base plaster. The compatibility of our putty to create any design allows for endless possibilities to elevate the texture of any wall while providing a smoother finish and enhancing the lifespan of the paint on the wall.

It ensures that the walls are not weakened and this putty also brings out the right shade of paint, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the walls.

DP White Portland Cement

DP White Portland Cement offers an exceptional solution for creating walls that are not only durable but also visually appealing. With its higher comprehensive strength and super whiteness, it provides greater coverage, while its tough and resilient nature ensures long-lasting walls.

This cement’s higher refractive index slows down the travel of light, and its high opacity absorbs light particles. Additionally, it is easy to mix and can be applied to various surfaces, making it an adaptable solution.

Our cement is not limited to walls; it can also be used on floors, decorative objects, and other surfaces. Its super whiteness provides a glossy and smooth finish that is compatible with all paint types. The cement’s outstanding adhesion strength guarantees that the walls maintain their appearance and durability for an extended period.


DP White Wall Care Putty

DP White Wall Care Putty is a highly effective solution that is perfect for interior, exterior, wall segments, and repainting purposes. Its smooth and glossy finish enhances the visual appeal of walls while preventing flaking. Its water-resistant properties prevent moisture buildup and the growth of algae and fungi, making it highly effective in preventing dampness on painted surfaces.

This putty is highly versatile and is an excellent solution for preventing cracks and filling dents on various surfaces. Its efficient coverage of up to 150 Sqft reduces paint consumption, while it’s strong bonding with the base ensures the longevity of the wall’s finish. Its ease of mixing and application provides a smooth surface to any wall.

What sets our wall care putty apart is its exceptional coverage and ability to provide a true shade of the paint. It is the perfect solution for maintaining a smooth and glossy finish on any wall.