Mr. Bhavuk Soni

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The youngest and most charismatic member of our team. At a young age of 18 he decided to join the Dashrath Prasad Group, to follow in Mr. Soni’s footsteps. He started his career with exploration of the market and searching for scope for the next successful venture of Dashrath Prasad Group. After thoroughly investigating the market in the beginning of the year 2021, he understood the massive gap in the cement industry. Under the excellent guidance of Mr. Raj Kishore Soni and Mr. Krishna N.V., Bhavuk set up his first ever venture at the age of 19- Third largest wall putty factory in the country.

Learning from the best, he has developed his own team in just a few months of operations. In less than a year, Bhavuk organised a very successful dealers’ meet of over 200 dealers.