Mr. Krishna N.V.

Executive Director, Dashrath Prasad Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Krishna has been with the Dashrath Prasad Group since 2010. He brought in immense positivity backed by excellent performance. With over 35 years of experience in agro-based fertiliser industry, Mr. Krishna has developed a deep understanding of the technical and business-oriented challenges that clients face in this sector. Leveraging that experience, he has developed a strong and loyal network of dealers and customers for Dashrath
Prasad Fertilisers Pvt. Ltd.

As a member of the board of directors, he has not only developed and implemented strategic plans for the company but also has helped maintain value-based relationships with our customers, creating a strong barrier for competition.

He is also a great leader for the group. Under his supervision, the group set up two manufacturing units within a span of few years. Additionally, in 2021 his guidance to the group helped to establish the third largest wall putty manufacturing unit of India. With his mentorship, within 8 months the unit expanded to manufacturing many other building materials like paints, primers, etc.

He is a great motivation for the entire team. Someone who is always encouraging expansion, growth, quality and most importantly, the togetherness of the team.

Mr. Krishna is an active member of the Andhra Pradesh NPK Mixed Fertilizer Association.