Mr Prashanth Attaguppam Prakashguptha

Director- Strategic Leader Geomin Coal Energy Ltd -Africa

Mr Prasanth is a man of mining and commerce. He has a proven
record of delivering impeccable business development and consultancy services
to various mining related businesses across the globe.

After completing his academics in 1996, Mr Prashanth went on
to establish his career as an entrepreneur and ventured into the mining sector.
He has travelled widely across the globe for 2 decades and has exhibited the
potential in exploration projects for various minerals including coal mining in
Indonesia, iron ore mining in Brazil and India and copper, tin, sapphire and
gemstone mining in Tanzania, Madagascar and Zambia. He has also managed Exports
Business in Granite Industry-Granite Quarrying, Granite Exports to US Market,
Processed Slabs to Australian Market, Exporting Iron Ore to Steel Mills in
China. His unparalleled experience in mineral exports, related business
opportunities and an extensive network in the industry make him a valuable
& critical part of Geomin leadership.


Mr Prashanth has been spearheading, strategic planning,
business acquisitions & mergers, mineral trading,
  E2E – implementation of the mining project at
Geomin. He is responsible for the mining interests of the company in Zambia,
Namibia and South Africa.