Mr.Raj Kishore Soni. Anchor of the group

Managing Director, Dashrath Prasad Group and Chairman, Geomin Coal Energy Ltd. (Zambia, Africa)

Mr. Raj Kishore Soni carries the fire, acumen, and determination of an entrepreneur who is at the top of his game. With over three decades of experience, Mr. Soni’s achievements speak volumes about his zeal to one-up the market. He had a vision of creating a sustainable and successful
multinational company which led to the birth of the Dashrath Prasad Group.

Mr. Soni is great at identifying talent. He has spent decades travelling around the world and meeting people from all sectors, which helps him carefully pick his team, while his own dedication towards his work helps him retain his phenomenal team and motivate them to work in unison to achieve their goals. He offers the best encouragement during the good times and the best support during hard times. Dashrath Prasad Group is a family that has been brought together by Mr. Soni and his impeccable vision and passion.

Mr. Soni is the founder of Dashrath Prasad Group and is successfully leading this company to reach new heights with his strategic choices, effective decision-making and exemplary execution style. After setting up a robust business network in the fertiliser business, he marched on to conquer other sectors such as Mining, Cement, Healthcare and Engineering.