Mr Tarun Rautela

Managing Director, Geomin Coal Energy-Africa

Mr Rautela’s 25+ years of stint in exploration and mining makes him a true mining genius. He began his journey after graduating with an MSc in Geology from Kumaun University and MSc Tech Applied Geology from MohanLal Sukhadia University, India.

Mr Rautela’s expertise extends to diamonds, iron ore, gold, base metals, coal and industrial minerals sectors. His prowess has given him multiple opportunities in corporate management, strategic management, public relations, negotiations, strategic international partnerships/joint ventures and project funding.

From 1995 to 2015, Mr Rautela held the position of Advanced Stage Exploration Manager/Country Manager and was involved in many key roles with multi-disciplinary teams on a wide range of global projects for Anglo American, De Beers Group of Companies, and SRK Consulting in South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Namibia, Russia, Australia, and India.

The Managing Director’s valuable contributions in the building of Geomin’s flagship coal mining project in Zambia have led to the establishment of 388 MT of indicated resources in the granted licence. Outside Geomin, he is also engaged in major mining projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.